About Us

Humble Origins

NOLA Secure was started in 2012 by Andhi Jeannot, Reggie Galjour, and Jared Gore. Andhi, Reggie, and Jared left their jobs at Apple to pursue their passion for Information Security.

Andhi Jeannot


Andhi's definition of technology is applied knowledge. Asking the question "how can we use this tech in a practical way?" is usually the starting point for every project. As solution architect Andhi will come up with right technology to solve the right issue. Areas of interest and expertise: MacOS, iOS, Redhat Linux, Cloud Computing and Open-Source software.

Reggie Galjour


Reggie is a security specialist who loves falling down arcane Wikipedia rabbit-holes in her spare time. She is a Certified Information Systems Security Professional and holds a master's degree in Information Technology with a concentration in security. She tells herself that she finally done with school.

Jared Gore


Jared is a Security and Operations fanboy. He loves automation, Linux, and has a dangerous obsession with the Internet of Things. He became a Certified Information Systems Security Professional in 2016, but he also has a bunch of other letters behind his name that don't mean much. Ask him about Ansible and Python and you might end up like this guy: