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Practice Information Security like you Play Poker

Our view on Security

No system is perfect. We begin with the assumption that the only secure system is a system that is powered off and unplugged.

There will always be a compromise between convenience and security. More often than not, convenience tends to win over security.

Not about chasing nirvana

Information Security is not a state. At the risk of being cliché, Security is a journey. We don't believe there is a point at which "Security is Achieved" the same way Nirvana is reached after meditation.

Security like Texas Hold'em

Poker is a game of skills and chance. The goal is to claim amount of money from the pot as possible given the cards dealt while managing your risk and take educated guesses.

Securing your IT assets is very similar.

  • Your goal is to operate your business
  • The "cards dealt" is your infrastructure
  • Your risk include
    • Data lost or theft
    • Interruption of business operations
  • Managing your risk include
    • Standard Operating procedures
    • Disaster recovery
    • IT Policies

Tell us what you think.

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